Private Classes

During this class, you will create your own fused glass project. You will be instructed on the skills and techniques needed to create your fused glass piece. This includes learning how to cut and stack glass, as well as working with frit, small shards of glass. The finished project will be fused in the kiln and available for pickup approximately 2 weeks after the class.

  • All prices are listed per person and include all supplies and materials. There is a 10% discount for group classes of 20+ people.
  • A final count of participants is required 4 days before the class. Cost of the class will be the final count + tax. 
  • The class can be held in your location or my house. The minimum total price (pre tax) for me to do a class is: $150 for a class in my house, $250 for a class at your location. 
  • Cutting glass is available for ages 11+. Under 11 requires adult assistance.
  • Tax exempt organizations can submit their Illinois Sales Tax Exemption Certificate 

Class Options:

Decorative art

July 21, 8PM Decorative Art Class - Y.A. Fused Glass -

In this class each participant will decorate a square piece of glass that will be a display art. The glass can be white or clear. If you choose clear glass, participants have the option to place provided pictures under the glass that can be used as stencils.

A stand or plate hanging wire is included with the tiles for easy displaying. The plate hanging wire is not available for 4” tiles.


-4” square: $40 + tax

-5” square: $53 + tax

-6” square: $63 + tax

-Add $10 for each additional square inch, max 12”


Picture Frame

Fused Glass Class - Y.A. Fused Glass -


-4*6 picture frame: $60+ tax

-5*7 picture frame: $75+ tax


Mezuzah case


-Standard size 5.5”: $70 + tax

-Large size 6.8”: $78 + tax


Brachos/Blessing Plaques

 Fused Glass Class - Y.A. Fused Glass -

Optional text: 

Birchas habayis (Hebrew)

Birchas Habayis/Blessing for the Home (English & Hebrew)

Asher Yatzar

Hadlakas Neiros

A stand or plate hanging wire is included with the tiles for easy displaying.


-6*6”: $90 + tax

-10*10”: $150 + tax


Class information and FAQ:

How long does the class take?

The class typically takes about 1.5 hours.

If you travel to my location for a class, what do I need to provide?

All you need to provide is tables and chairs. Plus a 6-8 foot table for supplies (or 2 smaller tables). I bring everything else!

How much time does it take you to setup and clean up?

This varies depending on the class size but I will typically come 45-75 minutes before a class, and take 30-60 minutes to clean up. 

Are there any other fees?


A final count of participants is required 4 days before the class. What if a participant cancels or doesn't show up? Will I still be charged?

Yes, you will still be charged. Unfortunately there are no acceptations for no-shows or change in participant count within 4 days of the class. 

Can I have food at the class?

Food can be served but it must be at a different table. There is no eating at the work tables. If food (or messy hands) gets on the glass, it may ruin the finished piece.